Here's what some of your friends and neighbors are saying about Valley Chiropractic Clinic.

"I get headaches from stress, experience heart palpitations, and my mid-back goes out during sports. Chiropractic care relieves my headaches and tension allowing me to breathe better. I get great medical advice, nutritional information, exercise recommendation, etc. Dr. Tom's friendly disposition increases my mood."
-- Debbie, 35, Mother and Homemaker

"Chiropractic care has helped make my life a lot better. I was also showed great ways to exercise and help myself."
-- Peggy, 51, Deli Worker

"I came in with terrible low back pain--I needed to be dressed by my wife, it was that bad. After a week of chiropractic visits with Tom, I had no pain at all. I'm getting very limber again, haven't felt this strong in years."
-- Gregg, 45, Underground Drill Operator/Miner

"I feel so good, I'm ready to go dancing!"
-- Tom, 50, Aircraft Pilot/Mechanic

"I have a lower back problem resulting from a plane crash. Chiropractic is wonderful. My spine feels less stress."
-- Ralph, 25, Fisherman